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The HealthDoqtor’s Muscle Building Combo is aimed at supporting muscle building by athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The combo enhances power and multiplies the effect of exercising and weight lifting. The HD Muscle Building Combo consists of HD Whey Protein, HD Tribulus and HD L-Arginine.

  • The HealthDoqtor’s HD Whey Protein, Hybrid Series in Molten Chocolate flavor is the best sports nutrition supplement in Whey Protein for muscle building and maintaining lean muscles. Each container consists of more than 60 servings with 24 grams of protein per scoop. The high quality, tasty and effective HealthDoqtor’s HD Whey Protein is available in 2kgs. It enhances performance and supports working out goals.
  • The HealthDoqtor’s HD Tribulus capsules are dietary supplements to increase strength and muscle mass. The high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade Tribulus Terrestris also optimizes muscle development, promotes sexual well being, and enhances performance. It is the best Tribulus supplement with effective and long-lasting results.
  • An essential Amino Acid HealthDoqtor’s HD L- Arginine supports muscle health and increases blood flow encouraging you to exercise and burn more. The L-Arginine benefits by increasing the overall strength and endurance levels of the body.
    It also regulates the blood pressure and strengthens the immunity defenses of the body. HealthDoqtor’s HD L-Arginine contains 100 veg capsules of high quality and pharmaceutical grade.
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