HealthDoqtor HD L- Arginine | Hybrid Series | 100 Veg Capsules

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An essential Amino Acid HealthDoqtor’s HD L- Arginine supports muscle health and increases blood flow encouraging you to exercise and burn more. The L-Arginine benefits by increasing the overall strength and endurance levels of the body.
It also regulates the blood pressure and strengthens the immunity defenses of the body.
HealthDoqtor’s HD L-Arginine contains 100 veg capsules of high quality and pharmaceutical grade.

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  • 500 MG of L -Arginine: Each capsule would pump you with 500 MG of L-Arginine.
  • 100% Veg: A perfect supplement for vegetarians and vegans, this capsule can give you an immunity boost without harming your dietary preferences.
  • Health Benefits: HealthDoqtor’s HD L-Arginine health benefits are that it improves blood flow, helps gain lean or bulky muscles, supports heart functioning and strengthens your immunity system.
  • FSSAI Compliant: FSSAI Compliant The L-Arginine capsules are absolutely fit for athletes, bodybuilders and even those who have been suggested to consume it by healthcare professionals.


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