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The HealthDoqtor’s HD Immunity Combo aims at boosting immunity and supporting muscle recovery and repair. The Combo consists of HealthDoqtor’s Whey Protein 2 Kgs, HD Vita-c Blend 100 chewable tablets and HD Multivitamin 100 veg tablets.

  • The HealthDoqtor’s HD Whey Protein, Hybrid Series in Molten Chocolate flavor is the best sports nutrition supplement in Whey Protein for muscle building and maintaining lean muscles. Each container consists of more than 60 servings with 24 grams of protein per scoop. The high quality, tasty and effective HealthDoqtor’s HD Whey Protein is available in 2kgs. It enhances performance and supports work out goals.
  • The HealthDoqtor’s HD Vita-C Blend, Hybrid Series contains VitaminC+Zinc+D3. It is a Nutraceutical Dietary Supplement presented in the form of 100 HD chewable tablets per container. It contains an appropriate amount of Vitamin C, zinc and vitamin D3 per serving. These three most essential ingredients help the body to maintain healthy growth, fight off bacteria and viruses, burn fat and heal wounds faster. This Vitamin C Blend chewable tablets give combined benefits of Vitamin C, benefits of Vitamin D3 and benefits of Zinc supplements.
  • HealthDoqtor’s HD Multivitamin is an all-inclusive Hybrid Series and the best multivitamin supplement in India. The Multivitamin provides enhanced nutrient delivery to muscles along with improved energy levels. It promotes the immune and vital health system of the body and the special herbs like Ginseng help in longevity of body, brain and other parts too.
    The HealthDoqtor’s HD Multivitamin contains natural extracts, various vitamins and Folic Acid. Each package contains 100 Veg tablets.
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